About Us

Our vision is to provide working professionals with healthy daily fresh food at affordable price.
When it comes to daily lunch in the office, we are usually out of options. The taste of canteen food does not entice you anymore and you have been eating out for quiet sometime now, which is getting both costly and unhealthy, especially when we are not getting any younger 😉
What can we say, we have been there and we want to try breaking this dismal routine with delicious, healthy and hot food that can be relished daily.
So leave your lost hope of good food in Canteen and no more lengthy ponderings at what place to order from! Our offerings will delight you as we passionately strive for one thing, ‘TO MAKE LIFE DELICIOUSLY HEALTHY’.

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About The Founders

Anuj, Co-Founder

Hello Vegetarians,
In this complicated society, while there are a multitude of options to order food from today, very few understand the preciousness of home-cooked dal,rice, roti, and sabzi or simply put ‘Maa ke Haath ka Khana’. It is precisely this privilege that I want to offer to every customer who is a part of our family.
Anuj, an Alumni of IIT, has a tag of one of the largest private banks, and a nag to identify types of plastic material before filling it with water, and an attention to details that can identify and name 101 pulses in his sleep. Anuj, a vegetarian himself, is a propagator of ‘frowns’ against the tyranny of non-vegetarians in the area of ‘split the bill equally’ during group payments. He has taken an oath to return honor to vegetarians in the corporate setup.

Jeeten, Co-Founder

Hello Non-Vegetarians,
We take special care to prevent your food from getting contaminated by segregating the utensils, containers, etc. from those of the vegetarian food.
Jeeten an alumni of NIT and IIM and has worked with various multinational firms. He has lived his life taunting vegetarians and aims to preserve the sanctity of the non-vegetarian blood. After all veg biryani is an oxymoron.
Best Quality Food
No Hidden Costs
Timely Delivery
Meals Delivery Customization
To never compromise on quality of food or the method of preparation using minimum oil
To never compromise on taste of food by using proper unadulterated ingredients in effective quantity
To procure and replace perishables daily and to not reuse them
To minimize waste and have environment and society friendly waste disposal mechanisms
To Reduce cost by reducing variability and overheads which will lead to higher benefits for the customer.

Our Mission

Customer first – We value our customer’s needs and understand their problems. Therefore we aim to build all the mechanisms and processes working backward from the customer.
Maintain Hygiene and cleanliness.
Keep a promise.
Mutual trust and respect.
Hard work and perseverance.

Our Values